The Lady Beneath the Cap

Now that I’ve typed up a couple of posts, how about I introduce myself?

Hello there! My name is Elsa! Yes, like the queen. No, I don’t like winter.

As previously mentioned, I’m a mom of three boys. My oldest, M, is our ridiculously sweet 6-year-old. God bless it, I love that boy. If only he’d prepared me for the other two by being a little more difficult. Our middle boy, D, is 20 months and is by far the biggest goofball I have ever known. He goes from zero to sixty in about two seconds – that’s right, big smiles and big tantrums! Our youngest boy, H, is just 3 months old, and is the reason I now understand what people mean when they say “so-and-so is such a good, happy baby!” He may have been a bit ridiculous when coming into the world (a story for another day), but he sure is a sweetheart!

I also have a birth daughter, C, who lives about an hour away from us with her mama. She’s 10 and-a-half, brilliant, and has a beautiful soul and a beautiful smile! I look forward to posting about her amazing adoption story in the future!

Alright, so this was an “about me” post that turned into a bunch— hold on, I have to make sure my toddler doesn’t kill my Chihuahua.

Okay, I’m back! Anyway, I’ll quit talking about my wildly wonderful children for now.

So I’m a mom. I’m also a bunch of other stuff. Stuff like an RN who works at an urgent care. You want stories? I’ve got ’em! I’m also a student. Don’t ask me how long it’s taking me to pass biochemistry. It’s embarrassing.

I’m a wife to an incredibly patient man, J. You’ll probably experience me gushing about him in future posts. Is he perfect? No. But he’s got a Christlike love for myself and our children (and everyone else, if I’m being honest). While I wasn’t raised with an understanding of what a good husband should be, I have a feeling he hits the nail on the head most days.

I’m a runner and a weight-lifter who is “on a break.” Other things I enjoy include:

Gardening, pretending my house is clean, listening to the My Favorite Murder podcast, volunteering at church, going to my therapist, reading, ignoring my toddler when he’s being especially screamy, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, baseball caps, breastfeeding my youngest in the midst of chaos, naps, obsessing over my awesome neighbors/neighborhood, dry humor, public radio, swing dancing, and seafood.

I have a wide array of interests.

And that, my friends, is the “About Me” corner. Stay sexy, and don’t get murdered!

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