Here’s an Exciting Topic!

Anyone want to talk about some postpartum depression?! Room goes silent. Crickets start chirping. A random tumbleweed blows by even though we're indoors. When our oldest son, M, was born, I felt so unbelievably lost. I was in a fog and felt completely in over my head. Not long after I gave birth to him, … Continue reading Here’s an Exciting Topic!

The Mr.

Father's Day is less than a month away, and I couldn't wait that long to post about my kiddos' dad. This is going to be quite a tale, so get comfy! I married a man who is incredibly patient. This is something I have said to many people over these past few years. Not only … Continue reading The Mr.

Presents are Fine

Really. Presents are totally fine. If your love language is giving/receiving gifts, then getting a special present on Mother's Day (or Valentine's Day, Father's Day, Arbor Day, etc.) might even be slightly necessary. However, we tend to celebrate without presents in our household. Instead, we celebrate with presence. (See what I did there? *nudges you … Continue reading Presents are Fine