Presents are Fine

Really. Presents are totally fine. If your love language is giving/receiving gifts, then getting a special present on Mother's Day (or Valentine's Day, Father's Day, Arbor Day, etc.) might even be slightly necessary. However, we tend to celebrate without presents in our household. Instead, we celebrate with presence. (See what I did there? *nudges you … Continue reading Presents are Fine

The Lady Beneath the Cap

Now that I've typed up a couple of posts, how about I introduce myself? Hello there! My name is Elsa! Yes, like the queen. No, I don't like winter. As previously mentioned, I'm a mom of three boys. My oldest, M, is our ridiculously sweet 6-year-old. God bless it, I love that boy. If only … Continue reading The Lady Beneath the Cap

True Tribes

When our oldest son (who is now 6) was a baby, I had little-to-no "tribe." We had just moved two hours south of our parents to live near Minneapolis. I was a young newlywed to a man who traveled frequently for work, as well as a first-time mom. I also had severe postpartum depression that … Continue reading True Tribes

Why I Avoid My Hairbrush

The title of this inaugural post might lead the reader (you) to believe that I either A) have terrible hygiene habits, or B) have an in-depth reason for not brushing my hair regularly. Perhaps I have a deep-set belief that hair is healthier if it isn’t brushed. Or maybe I am doing my darnedest to … Continue reading Why I Avoid My Hairbrush